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Syuri products use the earth’s resources to help restore the damage we experience from everyday pollutants.  Pollutants in the air and water affect the hair by stripping the moisture from the hair that will cause the hair to easily split and break.  Syuri Products are specifically designed to promote healthy hair by restoring moisture, vitamins, strength to the hair.  Syuri Products are completely natural.  Each product is specifically designed for specific hair processes, for it is instrumental in providing the hair with the specific nourishment it may be lacking because of chemical processing, or every day pollutants.  Therefore, whether your hair is all natural or chemically processed we have the product to suit your hair’s immediate need.

These products are designed using the most purist of essential oils that have not been over processed or diluted in order to give hair the maximum strength.  Syuri Products are for professional use only so please visit your professional beauty supply for distribution.


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