Just the Basics for Hair Care Braids and Weaves Unlocked

Keeping hair moisturized is difficult especially if you find you may be dealing with scalp issues. All of the market brand Shampoos and Conditioners for itchy and flaky scalps tend to be very drying for the hair. Once the hair moisture level content Is low you will find areas of breakage or experience extreme to moderate shedding depending on your situation. So please be sure to replace the moisture by using your moisture replenish shampoos and conditioners. This process could end up being tedious especially if you’re on the go, unfortunately you must spend 40 or more minutes conditioning your hair.  If you can’t you are wasting your time.  It takes at least 15 mins to open the cuticle using a heat source ( warming cap, dryer, plastic cap) in order to allow what ever the conditioner is carry to begin to get to your hair to strengthen or moisturize it.  There is no way to avoid this.

Once you spent all this time and effort use your satin caps and pillow cases. If you are wearing braids be sure to stay away from products that contain a great deal of alcohol and water. Alcohol is very drying for both the scalp and hair and makes the hair weak while in braids or weaves, so when you are removing this styles you will take notice to excessive hair loss. Please be aware that you are expected to loose 50-100 hair a day and when you are wearing braids or weaves you are not combing and servicing your hair on a daily basis and removing this hair; there for it builds up and you see all the shedding all at once.

This is nothing to be alarmed about, but once you have combed your hair through, shampooed and Conditioned you should not be experiencing shedding, but if you are you must immediately begin to increase your moisture content level. You will find the shedding has decreased or stop completely during this process. In extreme cases you should visit your salon immediately and receive protein and moisture replenish treatments to help with this issue. In less severe cases visit your local salon and purchase your moisture replenish conditioner and begin nourishing your hair immediately, and you will save your hair from the turmoil of excessive hair loss.

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