Starting locks is a serious commitment.  It does not take place over night.  If you want to achieve healthy beautiful looking locks you need to follow these simple steps.

  1. Expect your hair to completely lock in 1yr or more.
  2. Your hair needs to be all natural no Relaxers, curl, or texturizers.  (some texturizers may be acceptable depending on how much coarseness is left in the hair.
  3. Start your twist single or double strand depending on length professionally.
  4. No Shampooing, for at least the first 3 months there are anti-itch treatment your stylist can use before he/she retwist.
  5. Make sure you are retwisting at least once a month to keep them separated.
  6. Expect them to be some what frizzy depending on texture.  This frizz can be removed once the hair is completely locked.  Removing frizz before may cause your tresses to thin out, which can lead to breakage.
  7. Once your hair is locked you should see your professional stylist at least once a month in order to receive a strengthening conditioner, and retwist.

These styles are unique and many people are not familiar with lock care so be careful of the following.

  1. Using beez wax is acceptable, but beware of companies that produce products that are too thick.  Black beez wax is not good for it is too think and sticky.  This product builds is the hair and leaves a residue that is almost impossible to remove.  Look to use more oil based products.
  2. Using Lime or lemon juices do not help your hair lock faster.  It is important that your hair is dry in in its first stages, but it will not speed up the process, only your texture.  The more coarse the faster your hair will lock. Less coarse to fine hair will lock the slowest.
  3. Your hair has various textures in it and will account for your hair to lock more slowly in certain areas such as the nape, front hair line, and crown.  Don’t worry it will lock.
  4. Caring for your scalp is also important, Always apply a hair dressing to your scalp to combat against dryness.  Especially if you have issues with dandruff, for dandruff treatment leave the scalp and hair dry.
  5. After the hair locks you may have frizziness along the shaft of the lock.  This frizz will need to be manually removed by your stylist.  This can be done using clippers, but be careful there is a greater chance of nipping the lock using clippers, which can make the locks weak in those areas.   Using scissors takes longer may be an hour or more service however the results are worth the wait.  Afterward you locks should look smooth and the frizz should not return if you are grooming your locks at minimum once a month.  Sister locks should avoid this due to the size if you are getting a lot of frizz with sister locks ask your loctician to switch to a 4 pattern for a tight uniform pattern.

6    You need to condition your locks!!!!, You need to condition your locks!!!! if the locks get too dry they will not look good, they will break, they will begin to join themselves with other locks, ect.  Especially when the locks are long.  Conditioning keeps the hair moist.  The moisture in the hair helps with keeping healthy elasticity.  This is the ability of the hair to stretch and return to is previous position.  This means Not breaking off when you style.  Trying to add moisture and maintain this takes months to repair if its missing and dreadlocks are tricky, because they actually need to be dry to start them.  However, once they are locked conditioning them protects them from the styling, and breaking as they get longer.  You can over condition hair this must be balanced and based on your hair texture. Coarser hair or 4c needs more, curly hair or 3b or less needs less.

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