Caring for your locks may prove to be difficult because of the many myths that govern lock history.  To supersede the myth Locks are hair too.  You must care for you locks the same way you would if your hair were straight.  Applying conditioners on a regular basis is important.  Make sure to use moisturizer conditioners to combat against dryness.  The lock style is generally dry by nature, so do not expect to see silky locks.  Be aware of whether your locks are brittle, for this will account for thinning locks and breakage.  Coloring locks is fun and gives a great personality boost. So don’t be afraid to try new things, because you may color hair almost any color without causing damage if colored properly.
The use of head warps and scarf’s add more personality and style to your tresses, but do not get in the habit of wearing them all of the time.  Smothering the follicle can cause your hair to thin especially in the front around your hair line.  You may protect your locks at night by sleeping on a satin pillow case or wearing a satin cap.  This will help protect your hair from dryness.  Remember cotton is an absorbent and will suck the remaining moisture and life out of your hair.
Don’t be afraid to style: rod, or updos. They are always options to extenuate your natural beauty.

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